The Video with so much Effort..


The day when sir had given us that activity; I was “somehow” happy and sad. I can do it by myself without any person to trust to and not risking his/her points, makes me happy, although the idea of “The efforts won’t be as perfect as the outcome,” makes me so depressed. While doing the PSA, we should be aware of the content, and specially the time limit and the test of our responsibility. But as a senior student, we should know that the activities are ought to be hard and challenging in equivalent of our level. I realized that even the slightest point of your life should be earned with effort even though it won’t be perfect. Success wont be achieved without any effort.


What if..

What if the world was all insane and all cartoon characters were alive. And cars talk and buildings was made out of jelly beans and we only eat black cottons. And our bags was made out of sharks and the sharks were talking, then we call it “talking bags”. Then rabbits run faster than a dog because dogs only run when they have a free time from work. then speakers was made out of dead frogs and ketchup was taken from the meadows where in unicorns leave their rotten children and all medicines was originated from poison and people jump 3 time so that they can go to work… That’s how my dream works. :0

Too Much I Wanted to Do..

When the day when i wanted to play a guitar i was very exited to have one. But when i had it .. i lost interest D:.. Then i watched some baking tutorials then i lost interest again. Then i learned about the knitting but i don’t have the proper tools to have a project of doing one. Then i learned crochet .. but until now nothing had progressed..PLS SOMEONE HELP MEEEE!!


I have been downloading albums to my computer. All christian songs. I play it when playing games or sitting around doing nothing. I pick some food then listen again. as you can see i would really prefer to have christian song to my phone other than present songs..(nothing else to blog..)

Friends “Do” and “Really” Blackmail You

The Past few weeks, my supposed “FRIENDS” have commented and laughed about my blog. And guess what, before i have known that they have opened my remarkable blog, they have chattered my spelling problems all over their classroom. Then KATE (you know how you are) always repeats this to me and NIKKI (my disturbing friend protector) is the one who started this whole scenario. I would hit them for this.. but because they are my first hater and also my first liker I would absolve their immorality to me.

JUST THIS ONCE : a friendly reminder from the superior of the GATTENDA, inc.

-_- Funny Days -_-

School was frustrating and tiring, but my classmates were their to make fun of me. It was annoying yet fun. This thing is only normal to us teenager. We make fun of each other and they also make fun of you. The only key is to go with the flow, but if you won’t do it on school… your high school life will be terrible. I only hope that  third year memories will be remembered always…

The Christmas Party then the “BREAK” After Exams!!!!

Tomorrow will be the last day of the exam and i’m excited to have the break after it. Well first, my class will still have the Christmas party after the exams. Now i’m really rejoicing and waiting to end this day.

The Christmas Party is approaching and i still haven’t packed my gift, -_- > and i should still study for the last exam…………… I WISH THIS WEEK WAS OVER………………

Chocolate Banana Bread PLAN!!


Today, as I would almost finish with my projects, I was planning to bake a choco banana bread. As a form of relieve from stress that the school had given me and my classmates. My mother was a little “UNGENEROUS” about money, so I would use my pocket money to buy the ingredients that is needed for the bread. I would not do it for this week but I was planning to do it maybe next week or after the exams. I’m so exited to do my first bread!!

Avatar: Legend of Korra!! 2nd Season is Finished :((!!


Like the Joy of Baking, I also love this Anime episode!! Every Saturday, the website release new episode of the Legend of Korra. I watched the first season and it was cool, but the second was terrific!! I subscribed for more than one month and it was finished. I feel a little sad but also revealed. The characters was so awesome when they bend the elements with their minds, i feel like doing it also. Well, I would just wait for the last season to be released.. I’m so exited!!

I Want to Bake Like Stephanie!

“Millionaire Shortbread Bars”

I really love to make some of this some day. Joy of Baking, Stephanie Jaworski was a very good baker and I really admire her baking. She makes all of it so easy for us to make. It’s really fun watching her mix the ingredients that makes us water our mouth to the sweetness of it’s pleasure! And if someone  will ask me who the is the best baker ever, i would really say her name proudly!

We can also follow her on where in every Saturday she will make a new tested recipe for us to subscribe and make!

*This is not advertisement 😀 😀 😀 just a fan blog for her!! :))*